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March 31, 2018

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Now here's a "REALLY NICE" paint job!

When the paint dries and the job is finished, it's always a beautiful sight and truly a work of art. We don't make the product -- we make the product better!




Crunch 101

In this next set of photos, we are starting on a "Crunch" project. During repair and replacement, we will maintain both the integrity of the structure and critical balance, so that once our work is finished, this RV will quite often be better than when it was new.

Just walk away? NO WAY!!! Andy'll fix it!

Often we are told that because we had the opportunity to work with the unit, we were able to actually improve its road-worthiness. Why is that? Because we had the opportunity to spend some time and adjust for factors that simply cannot be addressed in a high-volume "factory production" setting. Plus these units have been on the road, are "broken-in" and because of that we can see how they handle and what improvements will benefit them. You see, each unit is different, and it is the attention to their individual characteristics and needs that truly makes all the difference in the world -- and their owners can tell. We don't make the product -- we make the product better.

The Bread Man Cometh

Here's one of the more unusual conversions to come to our location -- and we absolutely love it!

A Traveling Chef's Dream Come True!

Everything a Chef needs at his fingertips -- and all fit for traveling on the road once again after restoration, balancing, and TLC at our shop!

The Snapple Conversion

What this is all about is "gettin' your hair dyed" some very different and very rainbow colors! The Snapple Man goes from event to event, setting up with other booths and quickly becomes one of the main attractions. A quick visit to his converted Airstream and he'll color you hair for you -- and the color will be your favorite Snapple color! We hear tell he was just in Long Beach, California and recently was on the lot of Merv Griffin Studios. What a guy! Thanks, Mr. Snapple, for letting us show off your very colorful and perfectly wonderful adaptation!