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Catherine Long and Glen Dickerson write: Hi guys, please tell Andy we had such a great time meeting him and all of you while we were out there. We're home now and starting to work on the "baby". Andy, your help will be invaluable and we just loved the time spent and the massive amount of information you imparted to us. Thank you so much for your help and we're ready to tackle this puppy!! Love to all and many thanks, Catherine Long and Glen Dickerson

Faith Davis writes: Andy, thanks a million for once again for your sound advice on our ' 75 trailer repairs. This time it was window repair and axles. We really appreciate you taking the time to help us. You're awesome!

Chris Keysor writes: I am sure this has been said elsewhere on (Airstream Forums), but ... when someone really contributes to someone else's passion they must be recognized. Inland RV & Andy - I have bought several items from Inland RV and I just need to say what an asset they are to Airstream owners! Not only do I see Andy's contribution to the forums on this site, but every item I have purchased from Inland has been reasonably priced and the highest quality. I am renovating a 1978 Airstream (just vintage) and have ordered parts from fans and gaskets to rock guards for my front window. AND EVERY PART I HAVE ORDERED HAS BEEN OF EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY! Please support Andy with your business so he can continue serving us.

Sharon Lee, of New Windsor, Maryland writes: Andy Rocks!

Alden Stevens writes: Dear Andy, I recently ordered replacement seals and window channel for my 1977 Argosy motorhome. I just wanted to thank you for catching my measurement errors in my order and correcting them. I received the order recently, and am in the midst of the replacement now. I am so grateful you are out there. I look forward to a long association!

Dr. Jeff Miller writes: I've owned my 1969 Overlander a year and a half after lurking over for more than two years to learn what I could. Your postings are like Gerald J's ... fascinating! Sometimes they are over my head, but mostly brilliant. Mostly brilliant. You have saved me mucho hours & dollars in this rust-o-ration project and now I have a unit to brag on. I can't thank you enough. If you ever have a question a Counseling / Psychology / PhD might answer for you, fire away (I do need to say I am not licensed in California). Keep the faith Andy, you're one of the good guys!

Dave Carson, owner of a 1967 Caravel in Chicago, writes: Thanks Andy, for your response and ALL of your help!! I am a Big ANDY FAN! I think your great and let anyone who says differently know it! Keep up the fantastic work! Your Loyal Customer, Dave

Jeff Elliott writes: I have purchased parts from you as well as enjoyed your wisdom over the past 2 years . When we purchased our 1965 Caravel I can't remember how we ran across Inland RV, but after a phone call and talking to you on the phone, I was hooked. Thanks for all the good you have done!

Ron and Barbara Ainsworth who own a 29 foot 1972 Ambassador and say "Penguins are our friends" write: Barbara and I have come to the conclusion that we appreciate all the input that Andy gives freely and willingly. Andy's advice has been a huge help to us as we slowly, but surely, get our silver beauty ready for next season. If we lived close to the West Coast we would gladly drag our Airstream to Inland RV and trust Andy 100%. THANK YOU ANDY!

Lincoln Soule writes: I just wanted to add my thanks and support to the many others from the VAC list. I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and experience with the vintage community. As far as I am concerned, your direct connection to the A/S sales and service network gives you more, not less credibility. I live on the East coast and am unlikely to pull my '77 Tradewind into the Inland RV lot any time soon. If I were in your area and needed service, your participation on the list is something would motivate me to drive out of my way to get there. Thanks!

Alexis Evans of Evans, Georgia writes: I just want to comment that I have talked to you and you have been so helpful in answering all my questions. The windows you have were not as expensive as I expected, in fact they were very reasonable! Thanks for responding.

Kevin Allen, WBCCI/VAC #6359, 1964 Overlander International, 1999 GMC K2500 Suburban, 1978 Argosy Minuet, 1975 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible (Towcar in Training) writes: I purchased new covers from Inland RV for the fixtures in my 1964 Overlander and couldn't be happier. The new lenses/shades are made of superior materials when compared to the originals and are a very brilliant white color. I have had my lenses/shades for almost a year, and I even purchased a couple of spares for future insurance.

Joy, owner of a '74 Argosy, writes: Re: Tire diameters, load, size, and balancing: Per Andy's suggestion based on his years of experience and info from the rim manufacturer, I went with load range C rather than D. Don't want a split rim and possible damage at this point in the restoration. Apparently you can drop down a range, but not go up in range. Per usual, Andy's advice helps me work smarter, but of course, I had to do it my way first. Thanks again, Andy!

Ray, from the "VAC" list, writes: No slam on engineers, but I have received good solid information and quality parts from Andy at Inland RV. I also believe that if your in a business for 25 plus years you see all the problems that the factory doesn't. Andy thanks for all the great posts and the timely delivered parts.

Chris Siiteri, of Austin, Texas, writes: While on a recent road trip the entry door lock failed. Luckily, it failed while the coach was parked. First, I spent twenty minutes calling RV centers and locksmiths in southern Wisconsin (whom both advised me to call each other). Secondly, I obtained the name off the lock and called the manufacturer of the lock. The manufacturer advised me that they no longer made the set, but that it was available from an Asian company. They did not sell direct anyway, but said it was available through Airstream Parts and Service. Next I called Airsteam and found out that they do not sell parts direct to end users either, and they informed me that the lock set was availble from an Airstream dealer that deals with vintage coaches, one of which was Inland RV. So, had I done what I first had thought of doing, calling Andy R. at Inland, I would have been able to resume my vacation more quickly. Inland is in southern CA and I dropped off my coach there in December 2001. I was pleased with the service and impressed with the knowledge of the staff. So if you need some obscure piece for your vintage rig, I recommend inlandrv.com!

Gary Norgan of Hemet, CA (1 hour drive to Corona) who owns a '92 Excella 25 ("The Silver Twinkie") writes: We had a trailer tire tread separation during our vacation (Rt. Rear) that smashed in the right, rear curved panel behind the wheel well on our 92 25' Excella. Inland RV (Corona, CA) did an excellent job repairing this damage in only 2 days.....and even took the trailer in after a short call on a busy Monday morning (last), done by Wednesday noon. Plus he replaced the magnets on the brakes which were very worn, while doing a wheel balancing. Check out their website. They have listed it elsewhere in this forum . . . probably under the repair and/or parts section.

Dwight Decker of Ypsilanti, Michigan and owner of a 1959 Flying Cloud writes: Enjoyed reading the articles, didn't know we were in the company of movie stars with our airstreams. Where can I get a model like the one you are holding on your home site?

Rich Henely of Lakeside, Arizona and owner of a 31 foot 1974 Land Yacht writes: It is a pleasant surprise to find a company such as yours that has the access to Airstream parts. I am planning to begin fixing up my trailer. Your prices and expertice will be a tremendous help. Thanks, Rich.

Faith Davis, owner of a '75 Sovereign writes: Hi Andy. Thanks for offering to look at pictures of my husbands little mess he had started with the sub floor in our ' 75 Airstream. Our digital camera seems to be on the blink. I dropped it and now it doesn't work. However, I wanted to tell you that my husband had just cut the section of wood that he was planning on replacing and had not really attempted to throughly pull it out. Thanks to your advice yesterday, today he put the screws back in and just repaired the cut that he had made. He is in the process of sealing the entire outside of the trailer with Vulkem and Parr-bond. Thanks again for being so willing to look at pictures and offer your expertise.

Jeff McCoy of Milford, Ct. writes: Andy, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the time that you spent on the phone yesterday helping with my airstream. You were very helpful.

James Stanley of Sugarland, Texas: This is the greatest site I've ran across yet. You have parts I thought I'd never find. As soon as I get off work and home I'm making a list. You'll be hearing from me soon. Thank you in advance!

Kevin Allen writes: Greetings Andy! Thanks for the confirmation. I can now contact the contractor and reassure him that the material is indeed fiberglass with a gel coat. As a side note, all of the restoration supplies I have purchased from your store have been excellent! The parts have included the ceiling light fixture shades, and the large astro vent cover and operators in living room.

Cathy Townley-McGaughey writes: Hi Andy, I was a vintage airstream and I was searching for some parts and ideas. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed looking over your site. Mine is a '64 Land Yaght and has min. dents but looks so dull. Where can I go to have it polished or should I paint it? Everything needs to be redone and I am on a budget, but I just couldn't resist it even if the timing was wrong. I will be buying some parts from you soon, just wish it could be more, but I will do all I can. Thanks for a great resource and neat site!

Laurel S. Cain, DVM of Moreno Valley, California writes: I am so thrilled to find this site and I am local so I will be calling shortly, but thanks in advance for specializing in Airstream renewal. Maybe someday I will have the money for you to renovate this trailer to match all my needs ... for now it's a little at a time.

Jack Kleven of Simi Valley, California writes: I'm a new owner of an '81 , 31ft Excella Limited. I'm sure I'll be seeing you one of these days. :-) You come highly recommeded for parts and service.

Walter Perris of Bellevue, NE writes: I am so glad that there is someone out there that is making it possible for us to keep our Airstreams on the road! Thanks again!

Harold Gregoire of Cortland, NY writes: Hi Andy Wanted to let you know the help you gave and the parts I bought from helped me put my 64 back in service and my family thanks you.

Dennis Brownfield of Davison, Michigan writes: It's nice to find this site, you fill a gap between airstream clubs and high end custom shops, the kind that want major $$$$ for info that i can find on my own.

E. E. Pastroies of McKeesport, PA writes: A few years ago, my wife and I decided to find a seasonal campsite ,not so very far away. We were told by some acquaintances about a privately owned camp in Ohio. So we ventured that way, and low and behold purchased a small camper on site. Not satisfed with this by the end of the season we found out about a camper that was being sold in the "holding pen" if you will. I went to look at it and there it was a 1967 airstream, full of clutter and clothes, and who knows what else,but I could visualize past that. I took my wife to see this beauty(I thought) and she was livid. She called it everything (in good terms) but what it was. Well, I am now the owner of that airstream and after we cleaned it found out that almost all if not all major items were very current and functional. Now my wife is decorating it (and you know everything has too match) and finding it very unique.

Roderick MacDonald of Malden, Mass. writes: I got a hold of you folks around last Christmas looking for info on how to repair the walls where they attach to the skin on the Argosy and Andy said he'd help in any way he could...I could not have hoped for a better response...project not started yet I'll keep in touch.

Dean Trask of Monmouth, Oregon writes: Great site! I'm interested in restoring my 1957 to its original condition and appearance, as practical, to go along with my 1950's car collection.